A while ago I headed to Shunde in Foshan to visit Bruce Lee hometown and its surroundings. Unfortunately, is not easy to get there unless you speak Chinese or you’re heading towards there with a local friend. My way to get there was asking and bother a local friend to help me on my journey. One of the best things you may find in China is the people’s kindness. Can’t complain about it!

My way to get to the bus station in Bao An was checking a guide first. It shows how to get there from Fanshen 翻身 metro station.

Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/a2WS6-0wDwikCQ7PGeWKOQ

This is the main station in Bao An district. Once you reach there, you will be able to see the ticket office outside near the main gate, on the left side. To buy a ticket, you can show to the staff behind the window your destination. In my case, was 顺德大良客运总站 (Shunde, Daliang).

Once you bough your ticket, just need to wait for your bus. As recommendation, go to the gate 10-15 minutes in advance to make sure you won’t miss your bus, and ask to the staff there whether your ticket correspond to the bus behind

The journey is about 2 hours without traffic jam and gotta alight in the last station. Another suggestion is keep tracking your way on Google maps or Baidu maps to ensure it’s the correct station 🙂


    • Hola Pilar! Hay mucho que ver y no tuve tiempo para recorrerme toda la ciudad. De 6-7 sitios, sólo me dio tiempo a ver 2. Habrá que volver 😁


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