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If you are thinking to visit Shenzhen 深圳, these guides will introduce you some of the most famous and best places to visit.

Personally, I have visited most of the places is this new city, and didn’t impress me as much as other countries I visited within Asia or cities in China. Shenzhen is a new city which is developing rapidly, what it means that there aren’t too many places to spend your time wisely. The city is mainly composed by buildings, few parks, thousand of Chinese restaurants and/or BBQ restaurants (these last ones can save the city) and bars, besides local shops.

I figured out that Shenzhen has not its own history, culture, local food nor own personality once I arrived and experienced it by myself despite other blogs and websites tell tales about the city. It’s based by migrants from mainland who are looking for new opportunities and easy money. The good part is you will find all kind of restaurants based on food from different cities or provinces. Sometimes even mixed..which I won’t recommend you at all. The bad part is if you are a veteran traveler, Shenzhen will disappoint you and you will regret for coming.

So basically if you are planning to experience how is the local life in Shenzhen, sadly you will not able to find it. There are plenty of cities around which perhaps you can find real local food and history, such as Hong Kong, Zhuhai, Foshan, etc.


OCT Loft 华侨城创意园

I guess this is one of the top recommended places in Shenzhen. All websites and people will suggest to visit this place for its views, walks and atmosphere.

In OCT Loft you may find plenty of cafes and restaurants. I’m coming to OCT quite often when I need to disconnect from the crowd and mess. Perfect place to make a coffee or brunch and relaxing while being surrounded of the nature and peace.

The area is covered by trees, parks and roads perfectly paved with bike lanes. You can reach everywhere in OCT by cycling while enjoying the journey thanks to its peaceful atmosphere.

During weekends, there are  small local markets along of its sidewalk selling a large variety of handicraft items.

At night, also you can find many bars opened til midnight with live music. Pros of these bars are the nice atmosphere and are not very crowded, easy to find free tables. Cons are that the live music is not the top and the price for all drinks are not affordable at all if you keep in mind that the live music is not their strengths. Anyway, drink’s prices in Shenzhen are similar everywhere. However, there are much better bars and live music in Sea World

How to get to OCT Loft

Metro Line 1 to Windows of the World 世界之窗 and then transfer to Line 2 to Qiaocheng North 侨城北 and take exit B. The easiest way is following the OCT Hospital indications, since is near to the area.

Getting OCT loft

2. Phoenix Mountain 凤凰山公园

Located in Bao an District, this place worth to visit at least once. You can easily spend one day exploring the area and enjoying of its beautiful views.

This place is not told in most guides perhaps due to the distance and few people knows about it. As I per seen personally, it’s a place where local families spend the day. However, it doesn’t mean that is not sight to see. You should have a look and judge it by yourself


Also this place offers a perfect match of light hike and ideal spot for lovers of photography.

How to get to Phoenix Mountain

As I posted previously on my blog, there are different ways to get there

Didi or Taxi to 凤凰山公园 from Bao an district. The price may vary depending of your location. There is also a bus M433 which can be taken in Bao an. As I per known, there is a bus station just right in front of Fanshen 翻身地铁 metro station. Another way is by taking metro to Tangwei station 塘尾地铁 and alight. Then cycle, walk or take a taxi towards Phoenix mountain.

Phoenix mountain


Top 20 things to do and see in Shenzhen

Link: http://www.saporedicina.com/english/things-to-see-and-do-in-shenzhen/

2.Shenzhen attractions

Link: https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/guangdong/shenzhen/

3.Most important places

Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/mpkkd5n7yHR286JtmYhTNA



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