Qinghui Park: Beholding of Pure Splendor

Located in Shunde district of Foshan (China), Qinghui Park 順德清暉園 is a must to see in this district. To enter here, you have to buy tickets in the entry firstly at 15RMB per person for foreigners, locals are for free.

Opening hours: 8:00 – 18:00

Qinghui Park was my second place visited during my trip to Foshan, and I can assure that it was a paradise for those lovers of photography. Surrounded of gardens, lakes, history and beauty.


From any location, I found out that the best way to get here is by Didi or Taxi, especially because there is not enough time to check buses if the time is tight. The address is 位于广东省顺德区大良镇清晖路 (No.23 Qinghui Road, Shunde District, Foshan). However, just showing the name of this park will be enough (順德清暉園)


At the entrance, you may face a crowd but it’ll disappear as long as you keep walking. I barely could take any photo near the entry due to this crowd. But the patience is indispensable here.

The pathway around the park is a bit narrow and is not easy to keep stopping and taking photos. But it is what you will face on weekends or holidays anywhere in China. I highly recommend to visit this place early in the morning if you really want to enjoy in family or friends and peacefully.

Some photos of its gardens, lakes and paths

If you need to take a break during your visit, there are many places to sit along the way. Especially if you visit this place in summer.

Climbing by the stairs to the waterfalls will give you a nice views of the area, but sadly is hard to find spots to take photos quietly due to the crowd and narrow paths

Ending up the journey, I managed to see a performance and photo sessions from locals. These performances are shown randomly along the journey, easy to spot them.

More photos at the end of my journey. This time I managed to stay alone for few seconds

Hope you enjoy your visit to Qinghui Park as I did!


  • Location: Qinghui Park 順德清暉園 @ Shunde, Foshan
  • Transportation chosen: Didi
  • Time spent: 2.5 hours
  • Season: July
  • Weather conditions: Sunny
  • Score: 7.5/10


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