Lion Rock Hill is a mountain located between Kowloon Tong and Tai Wan of the New Territories in Hong Kong

If you want to have one of the best views of Hong Kong island, can’t miss to hike this mountain despite its slight difficulty

Lion Rock Hill es una montaña situada entre Kowloon Tong y Tai Wan dentro de los nuevos territorios de Hong Kong

Si de verdad quieres tener unas vistas únicas de la isla de Hong Kong, no puedes perderte subir a la cima de esta montaña a pesar de su dificultad (dependiendo de la ruta elegida).


Take the metro to Won Tai Sin metro station and then take the exit B. From there, you can start the trail towards Sha Tin Pass Rd until reaching to Lion’s Pavilion. From there the hike will start.

Para llegar aquí, es posible mediante metro hasta Won Tai y salir por la salida B. Desde ahí, la caminata empieza en dirección a Sha Tin Pass road hasta llegar a Lion’s Pavilion. Este es el punto de partida de la caminata


The trail will take around 4-5 hours, depending of the way you are taking. During my experience, I joined to a hiking group with a friend since it was my first time in this area. As I per remember, our way was really tough. There are many different trails to choose, so the estimation will rely on the trail you choose and your rate. A good rate with some moments to breath and take photos, will take around 4-5 hours.

Whether you are thinking to hike through the hardest way, I’d recommend you a good pair of shoes with a good traction, long pants and t shirts to avoid scratches, a lot of water and sun block

Para completar el trayecto se necesitará unas 4 o 5 horas, dependiendo de los caminos a alegir. Hay varios caminos disponibles, cada uno con su dificultad

En mi caso, me uní a un grupo de excursionistas y tomamos la ruta difícil. Para esta ruta, necesitarás a un guía e ir en grupo, ya que hay muchos puntos bastantes peligrosos y se necesita de ayuda, además de un buen par de zapatos con mucha tracción, agua, pantalones y camisetas de manga larga para evitar arañazos y protección solar


During the hike, we faced few troubles due to some sections were a bit dangerous and the queues slowed down our rate.

Due to these difficulties, there are attached ropes to help you during the climbing. Some rocks were a bit slippery, so these ropes were wisely attached there, and also due to the slope

Durante la subida, encontramos bastantes tramos con mucho peligro, peligro de verdad. Dependías de una cuerda casi podrida para escalar ciertas rocas, sumándole que algunas rocas eran bastante resbaladizas debido a la arena de su superficie

After suffering some difficulties along the hike, it’s worth the effort and time spent, and you will see the excellent views of Hong Kong.

The summit provides one of the best views ever seen in Hong Kong. Good moment to take some photos!

Sin embargo, todo el esfuerzo y riesgos valen la pena para poder disfrutar de unas vistas alucinantes de Hong Kong. Pero sin duda, para la próxima vez, elegiría la ruta fácil de las “escaleras”


If you are a hiker and thinking to travel to Hong Kong, I would recommend you Lion’s Rock Hill over other hikes within the city, such as The Peak (if considered hike)


  • Location: Lion’s Rock Hill @ Won Tai Sin
  • Transportation chosen: metro to Won Tai Sin station
  • Time spent: 7 hours
  • Season: November
  • Weather conditions: Sunny
  • Score: 9/10

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