Shenzhen Bay Park

Shenzhe Bay Park 深圳湾公园 is the longest coastal park of Shenzhen (China). If you really love cycling or long walks, this places will suits you while having a nice views of Hong Kong mountains. Its 15km of coast will keep you really busy. The coast have great cycling lane and tons of bicycles parked along the road whether you want to rent any.


You can easily get there by metro Line 9 at Shenzhen Bay Park station (深圳湾公园站) and take exit C.


Arrived to Shenzhen Bay Park 深圳湾公园, get towards the coast to start your walk/cycling day. Facing the sea, you will see Hong Kong mountains in the distance.

On the right side you will see Shenzhen Bay port at its bridge that joins Shenzhen with Hong Kong. From this side, you may enjoy of a nice sunset at the end of the day.

And on the left side you will see Futian area and its top buildings.

At the end towards the left side, you will find a beautiful park where to have a rest. Local people come to this side with their kids to spend a day. Do not scare whether you face crowd, since this is a hot spot place for families too.

Shenzhen Bay Park is a place to spend few hours cycling or walking. I won’t recommend you to come here in peak season or you will face thousand of people walking and cycling. Sometimes impossible to have a walk or find a spot to take some photos. Early in the morning is the wisest moment.

Furthermore, on the other side of the road towards exit E, you can also spend a day at Oct Bay Happy Mall 欢乐海岸. Full of bars, restaurants and a movie theater, its maze is quite interesting to explore, and at night you will be able to get some bars with live music and a good environment, not crowded at all.


  • Location: Shenzhen Bay Park 深圳湾公园 @ 深圳湾公园站
  • Transportation: Metro
  • Time spent: 2 hours
  • Season: August
  • Weather conditions: Sunny
  • Score: 7.5/10

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