Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 is located in Sanpai Village few kilometers away from Liannan County @ Qingyuan City in China.

Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 is a historical village with 1.000 years old in good conditions, where its history, culture, art, architecture and views make it unique in China.

One of the most striking features of this village are its stilt-house architecture, its corridor lanes and bamboo water pipes all over the village.

The way how I get here was by bus services arranged by a hiking group. It’s not very easy to reach here unless you hire a tour or find some hiking groups with this getaway in mind


Arrived to Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 at night, we only had time for dinner and drinks. The food here was quite good and also open to vegetarians. At night, we could see some kind of karaoke and something like BBQ. A entire chicken was cooked on this BBQ/fire

The rooms/hostel here are not 5 stars, not even 1 star. Don’t expect lust in this kind of places if you are thinking to spend a night here. I guess that living for one night like locals is a good option.

In the morning, you can climb the stairs up towards the temple whether you want to enjoy the sunrise. There is a small hill where you can find a great views of the zone.


The local breakfast was amazing, especially the fresh soya milk! They craft their own soya milk!


The rest of the day we explored around the village. Its streets and views will really surprise you

Strolling further down, there are many view spots. Worth to spend hours in strolling around

Something that really shocked me was the dried food selling around the village. You can find anything out there…


I would recommend you to head up to the top floor of any house in the village and check through the window whether you want to take great photos of the area

At the end of this tour, the villagers perform traditional singing and dancing for all guests

Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 worth to visit at least once whether you are near the area, since to reach here will take you hours due to its remote location and lack of transportation.


  • Location: Yao Village 南岗村瑶寨 @ Liannan County, Qingyuan
  • Transportation: Bus service arrangement
  • Time spent: 1 day
  • Season: March
  • Weather conditions: Cloudy and foggy. Rains at the end of the day
  • Score: 9/10


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