Located in Qingyuan (China), Yingde (英德) has been one of the most beautiful places I had visited in China so far. It is a historical city in the north of Guangdong Province.

The way how I get here was arranged by a hiking group. I joined to a hiking group to explore this area. From Shenzhen, the guide arranged a bus service to take us at Yingde. The journey took about 4-5 hours with 30 minutes of break.

Once arrived to the destination, the route was from Chengxiacun (城下村) > slight hike/walk through Yingxifenglin corridor (英西峰林走廊景区), which has a great views (similar than Yanghsuo) > Bus pick up point to Yao village (南岗村瑶寨) with a stop in between the journey to admire one of the most stunning views which I will talk later on.


Arrived finally to Chengxiacun (城下村), we started the walk across the Ying Xifeng Lin corridor (英西峰林走廊景区).

Our bus dropped us in this small village next to Ying Xifeng Lin corridor. From this village (城下村) there is a path which takes you through the mountains and is where the hike starts. The bridge in the photo above is a well-known starting point

Once crossed the stoned bridge, the hike is really pleasant and easy. Surrounded of great views, farms and small villages

After few hours of walking, there is a cave to pass through with seemingly a dry lagoon.


Once finished the walk on this corridor after few hours, the bus pick us up to take us to Yao Village (南岗村瑶寨). On the way to this village, the bus dropped us in a tourist spot to take some photos and enjoy of its amazing views

I bet for those who already visited Guillin and Yangshuo will find in these views kind of similar.

The location for this spot is unknown for me. I guess it’s in some point between Chengxiacun (城下村) and Yao Village (南岗村瑶寨)


I hope you have the chance to enjoy this trip. Yingde is famous tourist attraction, hence it won’t be hard to get here by finding some bus or tour services.


  • Location: Ying Xifeng Lin corridor 英西峰林走廊景区 @ Yingde 英德
  • Transportation: Bus services arrangement
  • Time spent: 5 hours
  • Season: March
  • Weather conditions: Sunny with slight clouds
  • Score: 8.5/10


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