Oct Loft: the green side of Shenzhen

Located in the northeast at Nanshan district of Shenzhen (China), OCT Loft 华侨城创意园 offers a different side of Shenzhen with its green paths, areas and parks. In additional, OCT Loft is one of the main points of interest for art and photography lovers. Full of bars, cafes, restaurants, parks, walks and bike lanes, it’s one of the top places for those who want to disconnect and pass a day away from the city and crowds.


Metro Line 1 to Windows of the World 世界之窗 and then transfer to Line 2 to Qiaocheng North 侨城北 and take exit B. The easiest way is following the OCT Hospital indications, since is near to the area.

Getting OCT loft


Arrived to Qiaocheng North station, you may spend hours walking by its roads or grab a bicycle and enjoy the nature through its bike lanes. Bike lanes will get you around, mostly to everywhere.

Bars, cafes and restaurants area will give you many choices on how you want to spend your day. Whether you feel like having a coffee, or having a local or western dine.

Despite bars and cafes, OCT Loft offers its artistic side for those photography and art lovers.

And of course, a walk into the area won’t disappoint you

The surrounding also worth to see and walk, since this area is basically in between of 2 metro stations and barely can get lost here. From OCT Loft can get to Qiaocheng Metro station, OCT metro station and walking a bit further, to Window of the World.

By walking towards these stations, you will enjoy of great views and roads. Cycling also is a nice option tho.

In short, OCT Loft is a neighbourhood that you cannot miss during your stay or travel in Shenzhen. Can easily spend one day if combine relax-cycling-restaurants-night bars.

This kind of enviroments is not easy to find in a big city as Shenzhen is.


  • Location: OCT Loft 华侨城创意园, Qiaocheng North metro station @ Nanshan district
  • Transportation: Metro Line 2
  • Time spent: 3 hours
  • Score: 8.5/10


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