Located in the northeast at Nanshan district of Shenzhen (China), OCT Loft 华侨城创意园 offers a different side of Shenzhen with its green paths, areas and parks. In additional, OCT Loft is one of the main points of interest for art and photography lovers. Full of bars, cafes, restaurants, parks, walks and bike lanes, it’s one of the top places for those who want to disconnect and pass a day away from the city and crowds.

OCT Loft 华侨城创意园 está situado en el distrito de Nanshan en Shenzhen (China). Este lugar ofrece una cara diferente de Shenzhen con sus paseos, parques, cafeterías, restaurantes…

Este lugar es también un sitio ideal para los amantes de la fotografía y arte.


Metro Line 1 to Windows of the World 世界之窗 and then transfer to Line 2 to Qiaocheng North Station 侨城北 and take exit B. The easiest way is following the OCT Hospital indications, since is near to the area.

Para llegar aquí, coger metro hasta Qiaocheng North 侨城北 salida B y seguir indicaciones hasta el OCT Hospital. Alternativa es metro hasta OCT Station y seguir indicaciones hasta OCT Loft

Getting OCT loft

Walking along its bike lanes towards OCT Loft

Paseo a través de su carril bici hasta OCT Loft

Arrived to OCT Loft you may find a lot of cafes and restaurants, yet some spots for those photography lovers

Llegados a OCT Loft encontrarás ya la zona de cafeterias y restaurantes, además de sitios clave para fotografía


  • Location: OCT Loft 华侨城创意园, Qiaocheng North metro station @ Nanshan district
  • Transportation: Metro Line 2
  • Time spent: 3 hours
  • Score: 8.5/10


Written by Enricj

My name is Enrique from Spain and currently living abroad in Shenzhen city, China. I've passed the past 3 years living abroad, traveling and working within Asia. My hobbies are travel and photography.

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