Chureito Pagoda 忠霊塔 (Japan) is a pagoda on a mountainside with Mount Fuji & Fujiyoshida City views that was built in 1963 as a peace memorial being part of the Arakura Sengen Shrine

The location offers stunning views of Mt Fuji and Fujiyoshida from the top of the mountain after climbing up its 400 steps


From Kawaguchiko Station, you can take the Fujikyu Railway Line to Shimo-Yoshida Station at 300 yen. The journey takes about 10 minutes by train.


Arakura Sengen Shrine is about 10-15 minutes walking distance from Shimoyoshida Station. There are indications on the way, so it’s hard to get lost.



On the way to Arakura Sengen, you may have a walk by the town. I found really beautiful its streets and views. Worth to spend 15 minutes strolling around


Once arrived to Arakura Sengen, you may follow the stairs to the pagoda. During the climbing, there are some photo spots located on the right side. From these spots you will have awesome views of the city and Mt Fuji, but not as beautiful as the top of the mountain though.

Views of Mt Fuji from one of these spots


On the way up, you may find several spots from the stairs. Worth to keep looking behind to don’t miss any chance since the combination of the Mt Fuji + vegetation offers a great composition

Once arrived to the pagoda after 10 minutes of walk, simply follow the road located on the right side to reach to the top for a better views of the area

Finally on the top, one of the most beautiful views of Fuji will be spotted right behind of the pagoda

I hope this little guide has been helpful and you have enjoyed of this wonderful place


  • Location: Chureito Pagoda 忠霊塔 @ Arakura Sengen, Fujiyoshida
  • Transportation: Fujikyu Railway Line to Shimo-Yoshida Station
  • Time spent: 4 hours
  • Weather conditions: Sunny. However, was cloudy and with showers the rest of the days.
  • Season: Early October
  • Score: 10/10



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