Located in Mt Fuji (Japan), the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station is the most popular station on Mt Fuji and the best developed. In this station you will find restaurants, shops, stunning views of Fuji Five Lakes and the starting point for those hikers and climbers. Yoshida and Ochudo trails start by this point

I could see a cozy atmosphere on this place during my visit despite the crowds found in the main point. Its trails won’t disappoint you, especially the quietness and foliage found in Ochudo trail which makes it worthy to be explored.


From Kawaguchiko Station, you may buy a round trip ticket at the ticket counter inside of the station at 2100 yen. The journey takes about one hour. The cost of one way trip is about 1540 yen


Arrived to 5th Station, there are several options to choose. The starting point offers a great view of Fuji Five Lakes. Probably will be super crowded as was in my case and will be really challenging to find a spot for a nice shot. Unfortunately, was very foggy and cloudy during my visit and barely could enjoy of a nice scenery


My “hike” started by Ochudo Trail trying to leave the crowds behind me and have a quiet walk. Despite the weather conditions were not good at all, the fog on this trail made the journey unique and gloomy. The air was very humid but really cooling and fresh

As walked through this trail, the weather was turning more foggy to the point of I couldn’t see the trail at all

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions, I had to turn around and explore the next trail, Yoshida.

Walking through Yoshida Trail, I faced the same problem but less fog intensity than Ochudo though.


After walking about 15 minutes, there is a clear spot to take nice shots of the scenery. Only few seconds were needed for the clouds to cover again these great views


Sadly and due to this weather inconveniences, I left with a bad taste of not having a chance to see these stunning views, leaving the 5th Station as an unrevealed scenery.



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