The Netherlands Flower Town

The Netherlands Flower Town 荷兰花卉小镇 is an European-styled town located at Nanshan district in Shenzhen (China) which has been re-opened on 2011.

This little town offers a strange combination of plants, flowers, pets & cafe shops near a park, which makes it a good place to visit if you want to spend few hours having a relax walk and flowers/plants shopping, and great for photography

During my visit, I found this area enough interesting to visit for those moments you need a bit of peace, and maybe as alternative to OCT Loft. I visited it during weekdays, so I could not find crowds and my experiences was quite good


The nearest bus station is Xinghai Mingcheng (星海名城站), many buses can take you there, such as 42, 201, 223, 324, b623, b688, b699, b702, b813, m364, m370, m375.

The nearest metro station is Daxin Station at Line 1, take exit B and walk for few minutes to the north.

Alternatively, can grab a taxi/didi. By typing in Didi app (English version) “flower”, you may see that the first option is this little town to select

Address: 3008, Yueliangwan Avenue, Nanshan, Shenzhen

地址: 南山区月亮湾大道3008号

This area is open 24h and free entry


Upon at the entrance, you may see a iron tower gate with the typical classic clock

Walking along the main street there are several little streets at the left side and plenty variety of shops. Also in the main street there are a couple of cafe shops, local restaurants and snack stalls if you want to have a break

From the main street and strolling through the little streets there is a curious church that is hard to miss it out. Its streets are really beautiful and well clean. Worth to stroll around and feel this peaceful and naturalist environment

Once you are done with the town, can have a walk to the park that’s right next to the town. There is a windmill at the distance and a walk along the park.

There is nothing much to see at this park rather than walk and relax!

Hope you love the visit to this little town! I think is a place that can’t miss it on your visit to Shenzhen


  • Location: 3008, Yueliangwan Avenue // 南山区月亮湾大道3008号
  • Transportation: Bus (42, 201, 223, 324, b623, b688, b699, b702, b813, m364, m370, m375), metro Line 1 to Daxin Station or Taxi
  • Time spent: 2 hours
  • Season: End of December
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Score: 8.7/10


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