Shenzhen Central Park 深圳中心公园


Central Park 深圳中心公园 is located in the heart of the Commercial Business District (CBD) of Futian, Shenzhen (China). It is free entry and considered one of the most underrated parks of the city. This huge park offers lots of path for walk, cycling, jogging, nature, rivers and trees. Nowadays still far from the crowds in comparison with many other parks or mountains within Shenzhen.

To get there take the subway to Huaqiang North Station and Exit A on the orange line and then straight ahead for almost 400 meters

Central Park 深圳中心公园 está situado en el corazón del distrito comercial de Futian en Shenzhen, China. Su entrada es gratuita y a día de hoy no está tan explotado y a rebosar en comparación con otros parques de la ciudad. Perfecto para cualquier actividad al aire libre: bici, jogging…

The South section of the park offers nice views of the business area

La zona sur del parque tiene vistas al distrito comercial pero la zona norte es más natural y espectacular



Following the river up to the North by the path is the best way to get to the North area

Siguiendo río arriva es la mejor forma de llegar a la zona norte

The North section is personally the most beautiful part of this park.

Simply for a walk, picnic, jogging, relax..this park so far is one of the best I ever checked in Shenzhen.


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