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Baolin Temple

Located in Taiping mountain in Shunde district of Foshan (China), Baolin Temple 宝林寺 is highly recommended place during your visit in Foshan. The entry is not for free, so you have […]

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Chinese version of Dropbox for FREE

Once again, another inconvenience of Chinese government censorship is that also Dropbox and Google drive is blocked in China. You’ll need a VPN in order to access to all your data located in these apps. In addition, you may suffer slow speed when you want to download or upload any video, since VPN services are not famous for its speed […]

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Chinese version of Netflix for FREE

One of the inconveniences of living in China is that most of western apps or services are blocked. Getting used to this censorship is not as easy as expected. Digging and asking to locals is really useful, and I was told by a local that there’s a Chinese version of Netflix for free ready to download and in VOSE. 1. […]

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Getting to Foshan from Shenzhen (Bao An)

A while ago I headed to Shunde in Foshan to visit Bruce Lee hometown and its surroundings. Unfortunately, is not easy to get there unless you speak Chinese or you’re heading towards there with a local friend. My way to get there was asking and bother a local friend to help me on my journey. One of the best things […]